We miss your vids, man

As everyone knows by now, extremely talented Youtuber xikaze was forced to take down his misheard lyrics videos, including the massively hilarious Sean Paul – Temperature vid.

UPDATE:  Someone managed to resurrect the original Xikaze (a.k.a. Volksdragon) Sean Paul – Temperature vid, albeit with reduced quality:

His medium of choice is stick figures and his videos were just epic.  One of my favorites was his Sugar, We’re Goin Down misheard video.  These are the bits I remember:

Am I more than you boggin’ for yet? <a 4×4 in the mud>
Oi!  <dude pops out of mud in front of 4×4>
‘been dying to tell you anything
You are a heel
’cause that’s just who I am this week
Dying the grass <dude pouring paint on grass>
Next to the Mausoleum
I’m just a nut in your bed, Po <Mr. Peanut, a Teletubby, and a bed>
And you’re just a lioness’ song <Nala from the Lion King>
Drop a whore… <dude dropping tarted-up woman off a cliff>
Break a nail. <woman shrieking at her bloody fingernail>
Eyunceebieein Seepee for the rug, doo! <Scooby Doo looking disdainfully at a rug>

We’re going Dada <nihilistic art>
Aluilui-luau <Hawaiian party>
And sugar war, goin’ down swingin’ <bowls of sugar hurling weapons at each other on swings>
I hit another one with a bullet <dude koshing other dude on the head with giant bullet>
Auluigodcodplax, <fish and mouthwash>
Cock head and pulley <rooster’s head and pulley system diagram>

Is it more than you boggin’ for yet? <4×4 in the mud>
Oi!  <dude pops out of mud>
Don’t mind me, I’m watching Youtube from the closet <dude with laptop in the closet>
Wishing to be the fiction in your G’s <letter Gs with books>
India messed up <map of India with visible damage>
How I’m just dying a bee here? <dude pouring paint on a giant bee>

And the rest of the song is just repeated from above.  I’d think that if he removed the audio and just told people to put on the cd while they watch the vid, he could keep the awesome and creative interpretations up there.

UPDATE:  This is the only other Xikaze misheard video (besides the Temperature one above) that seems to have been recovered.

  1. #1 by Andrew D. on March 1, 2010 - 4:33 PM

    “As everyone knows by now, extremely talented Youtuber xikaze…”

    Who? I did? Oh, crap, I must be forgetting things I didn’t know again.

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