I had to lol @ this

I frequently check in on masonicinfo.com, a site dedicated to exposing all the objections (serious and otherwise) that people have toward Freemasonry.  The site’s author is, from all I’ve read, very intelligent.  And also very snarky at times.  (And a Brother Mason.)  I was reading up on some of the more “out there” conspiracy theories and came across this paragraph:

(listed as being taken from Mr. Bullock’s website, red text is commentary by Masonicinfo.com author(s))

These days most people have heard of Microsoft Corporation, and its founder Bill Gates. (Masonicinfo Note: Yes, Roger, that’s true. Probably moreso considering that people are reading your comments online. An insightful conclusion indeed. It was true in 1996 too!) The majority of computers in use today use Microsoft system software, and those that do not often run applications from Microsoft. (Masonicinfo Note: Not quite true and ignores Unix and its variants which run many the computers in the world but why let facts get in the way, eh?) However, few people know the true story behind the rise of Microsoft and even fewer suspect the terrible cosmic secrets that are concealed beneath the facade of a successful software company. (Masonicinfo Note: “cosmic secrets”? Well….) In the Object Linking and Embedding 2.0 Programmer’s Reference there is a very curious term. On page 78, the second paragraph starts with the sentence, “In the aggregation model, this internal communication is achieved through coordination with a special instance of IUnknown interface known as the controlling unknown of the aggregate.” The term “controlling unknown” is a very interesting choice of words. It is not the most intuitively obvious term for what it is describing (a base class used for implementing an object-oriented data exchange/embedding system). (Masonicinfo Note: So one statement in an obscure technical manual released by Microsoft a dozen years after their founding is actually the key to the universe. Why didn’t WE think of that??? Good thing that Roger is here to explain it to us! Now if you read the word ‘bmud’ backwards standing on your head on the fourth Tuesday after a full moon in October when the rain has fallen more than three days in succession after you’ve heard a fox howling at the moon while running in an open field where…. Need we go on?)

(from Anti-Masonic Examples:  Roger “El Gato” Bullock)

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