Weekend of Feb 20

This weekend was a pretty quiet weekend for me. On the one hand, I felt boxed in and restless, and on the other hand, I enjoyed the silence.

On Friday, between driving to work and driving to lunch, my exhaust system fell off my car. Sounded like I was driving a Harley-Davidson. Took the car in at 8 on Saturday, and they had it replaced by 3 PM. Farewell, large portion of my tax return, hello near-silent car. I spent the 7 hours at home by myself sleeping then cleaning the kitchen. Erin arrived at 4 and we promptly took a nap until 8.

I was woken up by Matt returning from work. We chatted for a little while and he began wiping his hard drive to make way for a Windows 7 (non-RC) install. I continued on in Bioshock.

Tim and Hannah drove down from LaCrosse/Minneapolis, respectively, and stayed at DEW’s place on Friday and Saturday nights. I wasn’t in charge of the event planning (I don’t think anyone really was), and I felt frustrated because I knew they were in town but wasn’t sure where or when we would see them. However, Tim called around 8 PM on Sat and invited us over to DEW’s for a party, at which I enjoyed myself. Alcohol and 1990’s Disney movies need to be combined more often.

Upon waking up on Sunday, I made breakfast (eggs, toast, potatoes, and orange juice). Then I sat back down at my PC with the aim to complete Bioshock. Erin sat on the couch and did homework while watching movies. We saw Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus and The Count of Monte Cristo from Netflix “Watch Instantly”. I highly recommend Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus if you’re in the mood for bad acting and ridiculous monster-driven plot. Erin and I tried to predict the movie as it played out, and she got almost everything dead-on. Also, there are apparently people nerdy enough to work out the physics of how a Mega Shark could jump out of the water and eat a plane. Oh, Internet, how I love thee.

Beat Bioshock. Great plot, great atmosphere, great voice acting, ridicu-easy final boss fight. For anyone looking to beat the final boss in under 2 minutes with almost no health loss, fill up on electric gel before you enter the final chamber. Stuns are OP.

Erin left around 8 PM on Sunday, and I did laundry. I also started watching Battlestar Galactica again, now that I have the DVDs (Amazon.com sale for over half off!). I forgot how much I love that show. I’m 6 episodes into Season 3.



  1. #1 by Chadwick on February 22, 2010 - 9:35 PM

    That doesn’t sound like a terrible weekend overall. And at least with the tax return, you’re just kind of breaking even on it.

    I spent most of my weekend playing Star Trek Online, or watching Christa play. I’m more excited about it now than I was when I started. I’m just enjoying almost everything about it.

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