Syre: Master Tailor

Achievement Earned:  Professional Master

Achievement Earned: Professional Master

Mr. Chilly-zilla

Mr. Chilly-zilla

In DM: West, two of my team members got shrunk and ended up having to look up to Mr. Chilly.

Immol'thar is going down!

Immol'thar is going down!

The Lich King

The Lich King

This is the only screenie you’ll ever see of me playing a DK.  I deleted this toon shortly after.  I decided I just can’t RP a DK character.  The first Scarlet Peasant I killed and his screams of agony and pleas for me to spare him made me feel ill.  I stopped playing and deleted the toon.  I just can’t play a character so insanely depraved.  Sorry.

Sillithid Goo:  "Eww..."

Sillithid Goo: "Eww..."

Dead in a Neutral Zone

Dead in a Neutral Zone

The Scene:  Moonglade.  Level 24 Dranei Shaman.  Attacks a level 80 Tauren druid.  Both druid and guards jump on her.  She messages me to come res her.  I find the whole situation hilarious.

Stomper Kreeg:  The Drunk

Stomper Kreeg: The Drunk

He’s an ogre.  And a brewmaster.  And an alcoholic.  And the only good part of our DM:  North run.

We ran DM:  North last night.  Or we tried to.  Ralsha kept getting one-shotted so we ended up rezzing her quite often.  We had a terrible time managing aggro and I ended up dying constantly.  But the biggest pain in the ass was Guard Fengus.  Any time we tried to res, he was right there on top of us.

We also fell victim to the disappearing key bug.  In order to finish the dungeon, you need the Gordok Courtyard Key.  It’s in a one-time-spawn chest.  Our tank picked up the key.  And died.  And rezzed in DM:  West by accident.  Thus making the key disappear forever and leaving us unable to finish the dungeon.

  1. #1 by Joshua on February 6, 2010 - 10:22 AM

    I also learned something today: One cannot disenchant a roast turkey.

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