Notes From the First Week

This semester is off to a slow start. I decided to pass the time, I’m turning my note taking into a practice in observation.

Jan. 25


I passed Saturn on the way to class today. It was on the bridge on the way to the hard science area of campus. I thought it might have something to do with my Astronomy class. Suspicions were confirmed when I saw the orange bowling ball in the front of the classroom marked “Sun”. The seat I wanted to sit in was right next to Mercury, to avoid possible singling out, I sat in the center of the second row. The class room is run down and the laptop on the AV cart looks like a ’03 model HP. There are a few profs in the next room over talking while more students fill in. The prof for the class walks in and heads over to Mercury. He starts talking about how small it is and the placement of it. Some guys makes a clever joke about how it must not be to scale then. Answer: ” No, it is to scale. That’s kind of the point.” Yes, I think I will like this class.

I’m 25 and getting a freshman lecture. There are two kinds of students, those who’s parents are forcing them to be here and those who want to learn. The seats here are comfortable enough for molded plastic. The orbit of the planets are painted on the wall next to the front of the room. The orbits still include Pluto. The symbols just make me think of Sailor Moon. I wonder how the guardian of time feels about losing her status as a planet. Maybe it gives her an outside prospective that allows some freedom to be non-partial. I think that might be good for time. He said there’s a 20% failure rate for the class. (BTW, Pluto is a disco ball.)

Wondering about such things may lead to the failure rate, but when he’s talking about the humor of a Cosmology convention being held at the same hotel as a Cosmetology convention, well, what am I suppose to do?

Now he’s staring at me. “The craziest thing you will ever learn will be in this class. I promise you” He’s looking me in the eyes. “I promise you.”

While we wait for D2L to load, he tells us of his love for motorcycle racing and the physics there of.

Anthro (Lab)

Turns out the lab I was looking forward to will be about mapping archaeological sites. This is not thrilling, and it’s a long class. I’ve had a class with my TA. Why won’t this end. I wish archaeology still had dog fighters like O. G. S. Crawford. That would be awesome. During the five minute break I get to listen to one girl talk about how she grew up on Italian wines in this one restaurant, and how sometimes her wealthier customers will buy her a 200 dollar bottle of wine. I don’t really care. I can pick up a very excellent Syrah for 20, but I’m not that self important.

*As a side note, it’s nice to have been in school for a while because I know where the bathrooms are. Line of 8 girls for one bathroom, no waiting in another.

Jan 26.


My Geography class seems interesting. We will be starting with Globalization, and the syllabus.

Anthro (the other one)

I hate Anthro Majors, all of them. As a side note, Hunter Gatherers are not my favorite topic in the whole wide universe. The girl behind me is one of those people who are over excited about everything and talk too loud. She is very  book smart, meaning she seems to quote texts she has read proving a surface level understanding of the material. I don’t know if she knows anymore than that. There is also a bookstore girl in the class. I took meditation class with her. Nice girl, looks lost in the jargon. I feel bad for her because the more I listen to the prof, the more I realize that my vocabulary is made up of Anthro jargon. I’ll have to let her know she can ask me for help; it’s not like she doesn’t know where to find me.

Jan 27


“You think the Universe has been around forever?” The kid he asked looks like he’s about to answer, but he is too slow. “No!” answers the prof.  He also has a habit of quoting the Onion. He made us watch this video.

Also, it’s seems the scientific method is not

  1. Make Observation
  2. ???
  3. Profit Theory!!!!

The iPad came out today. What a joke. I’m sure I’ll be seeing them everywhere because of the Sheeple. It seems like for Apple it goes:

  1. Touchsceen with and apple on it
  2. ???
  3. Profit!!

Jan 28


The guy in front of my smells like weed and alcohol. It’s 9 in the morning. He’s also playing with an iPhone. He’s so much win. About ten minutes into class there’s this alarm going off in front of me. She keeps talking and the guy in front of me keeps doing nothing. Class stops and he looks at his phone and it’s not making noise. The jerk has the nerve to turn around and look at me. I politely tell him I don’t have anything that makes that noise. Turns out, he’s got another cell phone in his coat pocket that is making all the noise. What a jerk-off.

Anthro (The other one)

The teacher had to explain the quotation “I’m not dead yet”.

Anthro (Lab)

I made a map and did some simple math. Everyone else had problems with this. I also hate almost everyone in my major.


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  1. #1 by Joshua on February 1, 2010 - 11:45 AM

    Lol. I love the way you wrote this up. Put it that way, it doesn’t sound so bad, except for the boring lab.

    • #2 by Christa on February 1, 2010 - 4:17 PM

      The lab was actually okay, and today we got out an hour early.

  2. #3 by Andrew D. on February 1, 2010 - 2:03 PM

    Let me guess, you’ve got Tweedale teaching Astronomy? Just wait until the lecture on solar (nuclear) fusion. For my class he made us watch all 7 minutes of Pink Floyd’s “Set the Controls for the Center of the Sun” while he stood at the front of the class and played air guitar.

    • #4 by Christa on February 1, 2010 - 4:16 PM

      I will be looking forward to this.

    • #5 by Joshua on February 2, 2010 - 8:20 AM

      I wish I had fun professors like that. I’m looking at you, Dr. Brother Dick Marcus! 🙂

      Ask Chad about Dr. Mohsen Bamani. We had him together Freshman year for Macroeconomics. He was a fun professor. I had Dr. Geoff Kennedy for Plant Bio 105. He was fun, too. Completely spaced out all the time – spent one hour a week talking about his vacations and his wife and telling us how Pilates saved his life.

      • #6 by Joshua on February 2, 2010 - 8:22 AM

        Oh and I think Chad and I both had a Geo Sci course together at one point that I rarely bothered to show up for and Chad never did since it was on a Friday morning. The instructor was a vulcanologist who was always telling us how all his friends keep dying tragically in field research mishaps.

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