Heh. Disney totally ripped off Burma Shave…

I was reading xkcd (just hitting “random”) and I saw this toon.  If you add one syllable to the third line of that Burma Shave jingle, it matches the meter of the verses of Disney’s “One Little Spark,” the theme song to the ride / attraction / whatever, “Journey Into Imagination” at EPCOT.  I don’t know WHY I notice crap like this but I do.  So just know that the Sherman Brothers were probably secretly inspired by a Burma Shave ad.  🙂  Or possibly just that Randall Munroe was inspired by the Disney ride.  At any rate, that’s one of those rhymes / songs / etc that you can’t get rid of.  Ever.  Once you hear it, it will pop into your head randomly for the rest of your life.


Yayyyy Figment!!!

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