When 5-Man goes bad

I tried yet again to finish my BRD quests.  I didn’t succeed.  Though, in this case, it wasn’t due to team deficiencies.  It was due to a tank that ended up on the wrong end of a giant stone boot.

I (Syre, 61 Human Holy-spec Priest) am a healbot.  All my spell-lists, talents, and gear are designed for healing.  That’s one of the reasons I level so slowly – I have nil for offense.  I was doing a bang-up job of healing the group (they even said so :-P).  We were in the Grim Guzzler and about to open the door.  The level 55 elite golem Phalanx is key to opening the door that separates the bar from the next room.

The fight started out well but quickly went bad.  The tank (a 56 human prot spec pally) was damn good at his job.  He just forgot that Phalanx’ designer was a football player.  The tank ended up standing right on the ledge behind the door.  Phalanx thought that the giant stone ring behind the human looked exactly like a goalpost.  With one quick punt, the tank disappeared into the blackness.

The rest of the fight was brief but chaotic as the golem tore through a rogue and a shammy until he came to the other rogue.  I kept him alive as long as possible but in the end it was hopeless.

That was my BRD run today.  At least I got 2 quests done.  I still have one more to go.

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