Best Line Ever

Marlene: – Skipper, if you’re a girl, then girl stuff is, well, whatever you like doing.
Marlene: If you’re into the commando thing, being a girl doesn’t change that.
Skipper: – Course not.
Skipper: Just means now I’m no good at it.
Skipper: Now, pass me some chiffon, doll face.
Skipper: I got a hankering to sew me some curtains.

From Miss Understanding.

The background is that a false result on a DNA test showed that Skipper was a female.  His built-in prejudices cause him to go a bit odd.  Tom McGrath says these lines just perfectly.  The animators also did an awesome job making Skipper into a slightly confused girl.

Skipper Pink Bow Penguins of Madagascar

Skipper with a Pretty Pink Bow

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