My ass is dragging

Yesterday, I went out. Now, this is not uncommon in the least. I left at 10, went bowing, and ended up drinking there. Which leads me to say two things. The first is that bowling is more fun when you’re slightly tipsy. The 2nd is that you throw a ton of gutter balls. When I was at my worst, a full 2/3rds were gutter balls. OHH! The wax that they use on the lanes, if you fall and get it on you, it makes you shine under the black lights! But uhm, I held fast to my higher average.

Later on, I got to hear what the plan was for groomsmen at one of the weddings I’m going to in some time. We get to walk around, doing in her words, a “pimp walk”. I hope for my sake it’s more like the 2nd one that I’ve linked to. I couldn’t see myself doing the first one. By now it’s 2 and I’m heading home. I popped onto AIM to see if someone was on, and sure enough she was. I think I kept her up for an hour just chatting with her, and when she had to be up at 7. Oops.

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