A Goodish? Day

Yesterday started with my waking up at 8:13 AM. I had somewhere I needed to be at 10. So, I hop on my laptop, check here, get directions and go about getting ready to leave. This is when my first feeling of déjà vu struck. I get ready for this interview (I, somehow, got a job interview..more on that later) which means I have to shave. And that means first getting rid of all my longer hairs by means of my beard trimmer. Then shaving. Something I’ve not done in at least a year. I finally left the house at 9:30, got some gas, and walked into the place JUST as the clocked ticked 10. We ended up talking for an hour and a half. It later hit me how much money we were talking about…figure a low six figure number and you’re there…and then it hit me, that was my first interview, it went pretty well, and were talking about a salary of over the 100k mark. How the fuck did this happen? I’m completely amazed. But, the place, there was someone there that made 382k a couple weeks ago. Just in a single day. Holy fucking shit. And, it was a completely legitimate business that dealt in finances.

I got back home at about 11:40, changed, relaxed for a little bit. As I just lounged around, I caught some shows, and had my 2nd déjà vu experience. Then I remembered the rest of what was supposed to happen. Which, it actually just did at a couple minutes prior to midnight, would make my day.

I am honestly amazed. I didn’t actually like the job, so even if I were offered it, I wouldn’t take it. No, the 2nd thing is what actually made it. But we’ll see how that works out later on.

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