Odd things

An assortment of things:

  1. Peppermint + tater tot = banana cream pie for some reason.
  2. I received ~17mGy of ionizing electromagnetic radiation this morning to my upper body, delivered by a GE Precision 500D fluoroscope at 2FPS / .255mGy per frame. The absorption rate was 19.5mGy/cm3
  3. Barium sulfate tastes funny.  It’s thick and white and creamy but not at all sweet.  It has sort of a fruity flavor but it’s still not much fun to drink.
  4. It’s nearly impossible to drink lying down on your stomach.
  5. Barium sulfate does NOT come out of clothing easily.
  6. Sonic burgers are REALLY good.

The good news is that I don’t have esophageal cancer or anything serious like that.  The doc who read the test results said I had a small hiatal hernia (which is a protrusion of the uppermost parts of the stomach through the diaphragm) which he said was very common and not serious at all.  I’ll call my doctor on Monday to go over the results with him and see if he wants to do anything about it or just let it be.

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