Real-world one-way machine translation

Here’s a perfect example of Babel Fish’s capability to translate real-world Russian text written by everyday speakers of Russian.  The text is the comments from this page.  Note that I don’t speak a lick of Russian, though I can transliterate Cyrillic to Roman mentally.

  1. in you 13 and 16 are repeated
    1. Okay.  I get that he’s indicating that #13 and #16 are duplicates.
  2. God, what charm)
  3. Here also [prikolno]:) ([tyts])
    1. I got nothing.  Apparently, prikolno also has tyts…
  4. hedgehogs are excellent!!!!! such darlings and amusing!!!!! but [straaashnye] skunks) ”
    1. Everything but the last phrase came through okay.  I wonder what he/she really said about skunks here.
  5. Here is the paradox: prickly, malodorous – but them all nevertheless love: “
  6. You will proclaim entire list, if you please, those, who by their likable do not find!
    1. Okay.  So if you, by your likable, do not find something, you will be forced to proclaim this entire list.
  7. Dada!! to me it is also interesting: “))
    1. Either he/she is addressing his/her father or he/she is really into nihilistic art.
    2. Yes, I know that да-да means “yes, yes.”
  8. [Obaldennye] [zhivotinki]) ”
    1. Babelfish didn’t bother with this one at all.
  9. And is necessary to me the hedgehog none of [dazhe].[I] it is not necessary to me the hedgehog of any of [dazhe].[I] it is not necessary to me the hedgehog of any of [dazhe].[I] it is not necessary to me the hedgehog of any even. ([s]) gyroscope “)
    1. Err, so none of [dazhe] is necessary, any of [dazhe] is not necessary, and it is not necessary to even out any hedgehog.  Got it.
    2. ([s]) gyroscope.
  10. Thanks for the excellent selection! Son from the school will arrive, I will compulsorily show it. 🙂
    1. In Russia, it’s compulsory to show your son hedgehog pictures when he gets home from school.
  11. Yes? But you will then half a year explain, ” why we cannot bring [ezhika]”? ”
    1. You better have an explanation in half a year why we can’t bring ezhika.
  12. I find from likable. Very amusing little beasts. And beautiful, especially big-eared hedgehogs. Pravda in the apartment to hold them is not convenient – they hunt at night and [stuchat] by hooves on the sex:) This is the beast, that requires to itself respect, in cats food it here repulsed, no one and not [piknul]:). there was in me in the childhood hedgehog, was banal with it to take a walk, and there neighborly sheep dog- beast, it did not have time to catch hedgehog, thought everything, young life ended. So that was rolled up, trigger runs around it foam from the mouth, but make nothing it can. [Vobshchem] amused people and disgraced proud sheep dog. Thanks for the photographs.
    1. This is a lovely little story that got mostly translated right.
    2. It’s important to note that hedgehogs apparently [stuchat] by hooves on the sex.
    3. Hedgehogs need to learn to respect themselves.  Cats food is repulsive to them and they are not [piknul].
    4. When he was a kid, he had a hedgehog.  He took it for walks banally and the neighborly sheep dog never had time to catch it.  That was the cause of his untimely death apparently.  Eventually it rolled up and, having rabies, tried to shoot itself but couldn’t actually bring itself to do it.  But it did amuse people and disgrace a proud sheep dog.
  13. This to you dog such fell. Huskie, cattle, vomited hedgehogs only thus. It [voet] from the pain, but it tears: (It is so that more accurate…
    1. Err.  I wasn’t aware that Huskies and cattle fell to death by vomiting hedgehogs.
  14. [Ezhichki]… But I love to [shushukat], as hedgehogs make, this sound [prikolnyy])
    1. I don’t think doing [shushukat] to hedgehogs is legal…  I would probably make this [prikolnyy] sound, too if you tried to [shushukat] me!
  15. bring zlatlena of the hedgehogs
    1. Bring me Petchu of the Badgers, Treeknap of the Sloths, and Zlatlena of the Hedgehogs!  I command it!
  16. on the dacha i have the dog (husky), which ” [vyedaet]” hedgehogs… with than it makes this at night. you leave [sutra] from the house, and around the [sobachey] booth lie prickly crusts… I I love my [sobaku]=)
    1. Umm… I would complain to the manager about the prickly crusts around the [sobachey] booth.
  17. b-e- e! ” (
    1. I think Babelfish just had a “moment.”
  18. who now know the following it will settle in my apartment, thanks!
    1. Who knows what’ll follow me home and settle in my apartment now?  Thanks a lot!
  19. In the life they unpleasant. Without ceremony they can bite. It is painful.
    1. Maybe in the life YOU unpleasant.  Ever thought of that?
    2. Biting without ceremony is always painful.
  20. why they are not suitable? they different occur. African, for example, very good wards.
    1. Yes, prior to 1850, a lot of people thought that Africans made very good wards.
  21. the concealed advertisement of [nokii] of [detekd]!! [rodulova], jump to you did pay??? : ”
    1. Did you pay for your concealed [nokii] advertisement?
  22. [simpatyagi

Simpatyagi – the last word in Hedgehoggery.

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