Dirty Windshield

My windshield is dirty.  Normally, this would be rectified quite nicely by using my windshield washer.  Normally.

But mine doesn’t work.  No spray comes out of the little nozzles.  So I fiddled with the nozzles and determined that they both worked properly.  I followed the hose back into the engine compartment and down under the fender.  And I could see a pretty stream of blue fluid dripping from where the washer pump connects to the pressure side hose whenever I pushed the lever to engage the pump.  In short, the hose is leaking where it connects to the pump.  The good news is that this should be easy to fix.  The bad news is that I would need a hydraulic lift to get under the car far enough to fix it.  So my windshield’s just going to have to stay dirty for now.

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