I’m Torn

Let me preface this by saying that this involves both economics and just a little bit of political theory. At the crux, though, is the question, how do you define a person? I mean, how do you determine their worth? How do you determine their value?

In a strictly egalitarian sense, everyone is equal. But we’re not. I can’t play basketball, so, in an economic vantage regarding basketball, I’m worthless. This affects me, and thus I’m not equal, in any number of ways relating to economically, to those that can. But, I’d like to believe that everyone balances out in the end. So, I may lack something, but there’s something that makes up for it. Economically speaking, I know this to not be true.

Part of me wants to assume that everyone is equal, they’re all deserving of the same essential elements of life. Yet, the other part of me is having none of this. So, I ask again, how do you determine their worth? Their value is simple. It’s what the market will pay; a person with Down syndrome is valued less than a CEO. Yet, even if they’re equal in all other aspects, they’re still inherently different and these inequalities tend to trickle down and influence their other aspects of equals. It’s just incomprehensible to me that people aren’t equal; why should one group enjoy benefits that another can’t?

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