The year was 2006.  I was in a Database Admin session at UW-Milwaukee’s School of Business Admin (this was pre-Lubar).  I can tell that I was insanely bored because I was drawing.  I never draw.  Mainly because I completely suck at it.  But it gives good insight into my odd psyche.

Page 1

Page 1

Page 2

Page 2


Smig - a messed up pig thing.

Hairy Spade

Hairy Spade


Kwuud - kind of a loud duck thing with a thumbtack for a beak.

Eyeball Spider

Eyeball Spider

Ghost Rat

Something I declared to be a Ghost Rat for some reason.

Hairy Mop

A Hairy Mop, apparently

A Cherry Bomb

A Cherry Bomb

Walking Soda Machine

Walking Soda Machine - Pissed

This one I can at least explain.  I started out trying to draw Mr. Blik from the Nickelodeon show Catscratch.  Somewhere along the line I decided that it was a walking soda machine…


A Pirkle - Some sort of modified pickle, maybe?

A Pirate

A Pirate

Disco pants

Headless Disco Man

A Butt Pirate

A Butt Pirate

Cardboard Dude

A Drunk Spitting Cardboard Dude

This one started out as a candlestick telephone.  It didn’t work out that way.


A Ski Skiing on another Ski. Kinda surreal.

Stoned Harold

I named this guy Stoned Harold. I think of him as the stereotypical record store employee.

Knuckle Mower

I can see the Mower part but I have no clue where the knuckle part came from.

  1. #1 by Joshua on February 19, 2010 - 5:27 PM

    I noticed that nobody ever bothered to say anything about this. Or even make fun of my lack of talent. Not even Sean who has every right to make fun of my dumb drawings. 🙂

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