Defaults are usually good enough

Okay.  I’ve deployed Solaris 10 on workstations lots of times.  The defaults for filesystems are always just fine.  So I took the defaults when I installed Solaris on my new Enterprise 420R.  Except this time, the defaults were completely screwed up.

I ended up with the following filesystem layouts:

/ – 62MB
/usr – 420MB
/opt – 600MB
/var – 300MB
/export/home – 17GB

WTF?  I can’t even install updates!  I tried to install the Sun Management Center and it filled up /usr before it even finished installing the “workstation” component.

So now I want to reinstall the OS and write my own damn filesystem layout.  Except that I already returned my RS-232C cables to Radio Shack.  I know it’s dishonest but it saved me $40.

So can I borrow an RS-232 cable from someone?  I have enough adaptors that it doesn’t matter if it’s DE9 or DB25 or male or female.  Thanks!

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