Coffee Recommendation: Caribou Blend


Caribou Blend

This is good coffee.  A while back, Chad was looking for a good morning cup.  I know that we all love Alterra’s Cafe Voltaire and Caribou Obsidian.  I also recommended Caribou Mahogany, but I don’t know if Chad’s tried that yet.  I finally got around to trying Caribou’s signature coffee.  And guess what, it’s pretty good!

It’s a blend of three or more coffees.  The lion’s share is an Indonesia and I taste a distinct Costa Rica or mild Nicaragua and either a Colombia (unlikely) or some other South American origin coffee.

The aroma is one of very good medium-roast coffee and a bit of peppery spice.

This is a VERY well-blended coffee.  It’s pretty full-bodied but not extreme.  It is very sweet and syrupy with spicy notes and a very clean finish of bittersweet chocolate.  Prepare to taste a bit of raspberry in there also.

This is a very good all-day cup.  It’s great for the first cup of the day and still perfect as the finish of a big supper.  I highly recommend this coffee to anyone looking for a new go-to coffee to sustain them through the long work days.

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