A Reminder of The Rules

Rule 34

Rule 34, No Exceptions

I forgot about Rule 34 today.  I was reminded of my mistake this afternoon.

As I was checking my usual haunts for info about the production progress of Season 2 of The Penguins of Madagascar, I found an interesting link.  So I followed it.  I was greeted with amazingly faithful animation featuring King Julien and Mort.  Except it wasn’t a clip from the show or the movies.  It was an amateur video.  An AMATEUR GAY PORN VIDEO featuring the two fictional lemurs.  A surprisingly well-made video at that.  That pretty much killed my afternoon.  I couldn’t help but watch for a few seconds – mainly to figure out who in the world has that much artistic talent (to be able to duplicate both the models and the animation accurately) and so much depravity as to depict such as scene.  Creepy.

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