More Funny Fortunes

I got this one when I dropped into CSH to do some coding:

The General disliked trying to explain the highly technical inner
workings of the U.S. Air Force.
“$7,662 for a ten cup coffee maker, General?” the Senator asked.
In his head he ran through his standard explanations. “It’s not so,”
he thought. “It’s a deterrent.” Soon he came up with, “It’s computerized,
Senator. Tiny computer chips make coffee that’s smooth and full-bodied. Try
a cup.”
The Senator did. “Pfffttt! Tastes like jet fuel!”
“It’s not so,” the General thought. “It’s a deterrent.”
Then he remembered something. “We bought a lot of untested computer
chips,” the General answered. “They got into everything. Just a little
mix-up. Nothing serious.”
Then he remembered something else. It was at the site of the
mysterious B-1 crash. A strange smell in the fuel lines. It smelled like
coffee. Smooth and full bodied…
— Another Episode of General’s Hospital

And on an extremely happy note, Nicole Sullivan (a voice actor) told TV guide that they’d begun producing Penguins season two. Yayyyy!!!!!

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