Fruitful trip to the zoo

Spiny Sea Urchin

Spiny Sea Urchin

I bet you’ve never seen a sea urchin eating lunch.  I did yesterday.

I saw a sea urchin with a small fish caught in the corner of the tank.  I was watching the sea urchin’s tiny tube feet attach one by one to the fish’s scales and pluck them off, discarding them to the bottom of the tank.  There was already an area where the fish was devoid of scales and meat was exposed.  Other sucker-feet were pulling bits of meat off the fish and zapping back into sea urchin’s spiny body to wherever its mouth was.  I was quite amazed at the process by which this spiny critter was actually scaling the fish before eating it.

On another note, I walked around the zoo yesterday with my left shoe coming apart.  The rough plastic edge was exposed and, unbeknownst to me, had worn a hole in the sock and the heel of my foot.  When I went to remove the shoes last night, it looked like I had wiped my ass with the sock due to the dried blood.  I wonder why all that abrasion didn’t hurt?

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