mhooks Log

12 December 2009

MeatHook’s Log:

No contact with anyone else for the last 6 hours.  It is readily apparent at this point due to the nature of the last communications received that its safe to assume that I’m the last one left.The original plan was to get into contact with friendly forces and go in search of additional supplies.  Due to the losses, incurred earlier this week with  L being forced to flee to the south, And  P being unable to offer assistance in any meaningful fashion, myself, and  C, J, and M, had planned an operation.  The plan was simple, Myself m, and J were to meet, and proceed to target, a location somewhere near location designated Water.  Once there we were to meet up with C.  that was the plan anyway, never seems to work that way.  C failed to report back yesterday, last communication received read simply ” Plan understood, will contact later for final rendezvous location.”  That was the last word from C.  My best guess is that C met with trouble shortly after, for though I tried multiple transmissions none were returned, the only option is to assume C is done.  Later on i received word from Command, the transport carrying additional personnel had been destroyed in transit.

Today attempted to contact C again, no response.  J reported late transmission stated that strange disease had been encountered and survival was unlikely.  lastly M simply has disappeared, no one has received word in days.   There is no one left, all friendly forces have been neutralized.  Attempted last ditch plan, and contacted HQ through computer aided transmission HQ reported hostiles inbound unlikely to survive the night.  Later attempted to contact J again, J failed to respond.

So with no forces left to aid me, and no hope of either rescue or reinforcement I must weigh my options.  I no longer have the necessary resources in order to accomplish the mission on my own.  Hostile forces have been observed in the area over the last 48 hours.  With no true hope of salvaging any of this mess, i have secured my current location and will attempt communication again tomorrow, perhaps some one will have survived or turned up.  In the more likely circumstance of hostile forces finding my location, i have done my best to prepare, and will hopefully take a few of them with me.  I will transmit this message on appropriate channels and hope that survivors… *banging noise*  Shit!…

Transmission ends:

  1. #1 by Chadwick on December 12, 2009 - 7:42 PM

    Oh, Bjorn. I love it!

    • #2 by Joshua on December 13, 2009 - 8:10 AM

      Chad, that comment made you sound like an interior decorator commenting on drapery. Though I must say that Bjorn is a top notch short story author.

  2. #3 by MHook on December 14, 2009 - 1:11 PM

    this is actually a stylized interpretation of my Friday night and Saturday night this weekend

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