The Continued Adventures of Syre

Explore Burning Steppes:  Complete

Explore Burning Steppes: Complete

Interestingly enough, I forgot that you can get to Burning Steppes from Searing Gorge by going through Blackrock Mountain.  I also forgot that I was already attuned to the Core and didn’t have to run there from the entrance but that’s not relevant here.  I ended  up flying to Redridge and running North to the Burning Steppes.

Explore Ghostlands:  Complete

Explore Ghostlands: Complete

Ahead of me is the entrance to the Level 70 Burning Crusade raid instance Zul’Aman.  The Ghostlands are the tainted forest lands south of Eversong Woods.  Decaying Blood Elf architecture here is inhabited by undead, ghouls, and other pleasant folk.  Mana wyrms are a constant annoyance here.

Explore Deadwind Pass:  Complete

Explore Deadwind Pass: Complete

The unfortunate gap of ashen nothing between Duskwood and the Swamp of Sorrows is called Deadwind Pass.  There’s nothing useful at all here.  There’s a mini-dungeon full of ~level 60 ogres and a dead village called Karazhan.  Karazhan is interesting because, in addition to being hard to find, it’s filled with boss-level dead humans.  Not undead, but actual ghostly villagers.  Who, shortly after this screenie was taken, ran me out of town with their farm implements.  Any time you go off the path in Deadwind Pass, you encounter very annoying level 56 carrion birds that just won’t leave you alone.

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