The real joys of sysadmining

I recently had to send the following e-mail to the owner of one of the sites I host:

Please don’t ban – it’s the loopback address that allows the server to request its own website to check that it’s working properly. Thanks ^_^-Joshua


Cron <imbrius@dustpuppy> curl –silent –compressed http://localhost/cron.php


root@localhost.localdomain (Cron Daemon)


Tue, 24 Nov 2009 13:45:02 -0600



Sorry, has been banned.

You can see how much fun it is to be a sysadmin. I know he meant well – did seem to be taking up a lot of bandwidth and logged hundreds of hits per day with very little actual page view time, so it made sense to ban it. Except that then I get lots of e-mails from the cron daemon screaming that the site is down. 🙂

  1. #1 by Andrew D. on November 26, 2009 - 8:52 PM

    Clearly you need to save this story for a sysadmin gathering… and then tell it right when they’re drinking so they spray liquid everywhere. Because srsly… who the hell bans Isn’t that part of even the lowly exams, for crying out loud?

    • #2 by Joshua on November 27, 2009 - 8:49 AM

      Well, the dude in question is a non-techie. He’s really smart and a fast learner, tho. That’s why I wasn’t too hard on him for this. I didn’t expect him to know that = localhost.

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