Job Interviews and Hypochondriasis

I have been professionally diagnosed with mild to moderate hypochondriasis.  It’s comorbid with my Anxiety Disorder (along with mild OCD) and probably indirectly related to my Asperger’s but that’s hard to prove and not clinically documented.  At any rate, it tends to become more problematic when I am under stress, such as when going to job interviews.  For a number of reasons which I will write about probably this afternoon, I’m under a bit of stress.  Not a lot of stress, but a bitsy.  So I had a bit of a cold last week that seemed to peak Friday and clear up almost totally yesterday.  I’m generally fine now but I have a sort of dry, scratchy throat from the cold and probably from being nervous about the job.  So what do I assume is the cause of my dry, scratchy throat?  That’s right, throat cancer!  Never mind that I’ve never smoked (but my mom does) and that I almost never drink hard liquor, the two biggest risk factors aside from family history that contribute to throat cancer.  Never mind that I’m an otherwise physically healthy (if a little overweight) 24 year old male.  I naturally assume that my dry, scratchy throat is caused by a terminal illness.  Of course, it only takes me a few minutes to convince myself rationally that, in all likelihood, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me, and I continue about my day.  But it’s freaking annoying that I fly off the handle every time a minor thing catches my attention.  And with my OCD and anxiety disorder, this used to throw me into a terrible loop of constant self-examination and self-diagnosis.  My shrinky has been awesome at reducing the frequency and severity of my hypochondrical detours, but, as I said, they tend to occur mostly right before job interviews.  I have one today at 1 PM.  And my throat is still dry and scratchy…  I’m sure it’ll feel 100% better the second I walk out the door from the job interview.  It always does.

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