My Electric Guitar

I have two acoustic guitars, a classical guitar, a 12-string acoustic, and an electric guitar.  I play every guitar I own except the electric.

It’s nowhere near the most valuable:  That would be the 1982 Ovation custom.  No.  It’s because the electric is in a sorry state.  It’s a 1976 Electra made in Okinawa, Japan.  Hollow-body with original Gibson humbucker pickups.  The control knobs aren’t factory original – I’m not sure when they were replaced.  The neck was replaced circa 1990 after a relative dropped the instrument and broke it.

The neck pickup has a break in the coil and needs to be rewound.  The electronics need to be reseated and tightened.  The neck relief is way out of whack since the new neck has no truss rod, the frets just plain suck (nearly flat on the top strings and now actually rusting), and the floating bridge (also not factory original) won’t adjust correctly with the anchors.  The tremolo was installed in 1996 and works pretty well, except the anchors don’t pull the tension back to full when it’s released.

So that’s why I don’t play my electric guitar.  It was a nice guitar but by the time I was old enough to play it, it wasn’t in good shape.  It can be repaired but it would cost lots of money.  And since I have four guitars and a Stick, I don’t think that fixing the electric is a priority.

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