One man’s opinion

You know, I’ve seen a few commercials for Dragon Age, and while it looked kind of cool in an abstract way, it never really caught me with the ads.  I guess the idea of  a medieval-type action game doesn’t appeal to me much.

But, as it turns out, Dragon Age is an RPG!  I’d honestly never gathered that at all from the commercials.  Also turns out, it’s from Bioware, which is usually pretty good.  Though still, “Medieval RPG” is flipping fewer of my triggers than I like.  I guess the ever-important question is, does a middle-aged former-wingnut-Republican-but-now-cynical-Democrat political blogger from (I think) West Virginia like it?  John?

Hard core dork tonight- Monk, White Collar, and a lot of Dragon Age, which I will tell you is by far the best RPG ever made by Bioware. Even better than KOTOR.

It only came to my attention recently that John Cole is at least as much of a loser as the rest of us, and engages in the types of video games which I much enjoy.  So, time to look into Dragon Age, I suppose.  Anyone  else got an opinion?


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