A rather unsuccessful BRD run

Picture it:  An all-caster 5-man BRD run.  Nobody has the slightest idea where they’re going.  But we’re reasonably geared and sufficiently leveled.  We did quite well until one had to leave and the other started trying to solo MC…

Tank (Leader):  56 Human Ret spec pally
DPS: 60 NE Feral spec druid
DPS: 56 Gnome Demonology spec lock (with Felhunter minion)
Primary Heals: 56 Human Holy spec priest (me)
Secondary Heals:  60 Dranei Shaman

We did pretty well except for just exploring randomly since nobody had a clue where to go and wiping every 5 minutes because the Tank loved to just randomly pull everything in sight and then wonder why everyone died.  Then he just blindly ran into MC and died, then disconnected after swearing a lot.  We decided not to try and finish with just a druid, warlock, and priest.

On the upside, I did get some nice greens to auction and one nice blue to use myself.  (

[Ban’thok Sash]



  1. #1 by Joshua on November 6, 2009 - 8:24 AM

    I had another unsuccessful BRD run. We wiped only once, in the Manufactory, where the Tank (another Pally, this time Prot spec) aggroed the whole room. After the wipe, two of the players quit. One just D/C’d without saying anything and the other one had to quit to get into her 40 man MC raid. I got another useful blue and a few decent greens to sell.

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