Six-legged estate laywers

Earwig on white background

Female European Earwig

It is common for one to have drawn up a Last Will and Testament:  a legal document explaining your wishes to be carried out in the event of your death.  Normally, it specifies the person who should be in charge of seeing that your wishes are properly executed.  This person is called the “executor” of your will.  Normally, it’s either a family attorney or a close relative.  But in my twisted little mind, it became a very unusual pet.

Last night before my Lodge practice, while standing on the porch of the Temple waiting for Bro. Walt to open the door, I noticed what appeared to be a late female European earwig.  (I could tell it was a female by the relative size and curvature of the cerci – females tend to have short, fairly thin, and straight cerci and males tend to have larger, wider, heart-shaped cerci.)  To verify its state of existence, I poked it.  It sluggishly crept forward, demonstrating that it was not yet dead but well on its way.

Several hours later, it became the executor of my grandmother’s will.  Somehow, through my very colorful imaginings, my grandmother had been keeping said insect as a pet.  In her will, it was apparently stated that in the event of her death, the earwig would act as executor.  The rest of the dream was spent trying to (a) catch the little bugger, and (b) get it to dispose of my grandmother’s property.  It seemed to be fond of hiding in crevices and that made it all the more difficult to pin down.  I don’t recall if we ever did get it to perform its executive duties or not but I do recall becoming frustrated as agitated earwigs to tend to deliver a rather annoying pinch and bite.  Not painful, mind you, but annoying nonetheless.

  1. #1 by Joshua on November 3, 2009 - 9:23 AM

    You can read more about these fascinating and remarkable creatures here.

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