Coffee Recommendation: Stone Creek Milwaukee Blend

Milwaukee Blend

Yesterday, directly prior to my shrinky appointment, I stopped at the Stone Creek Coffee in Wauwatosa and enjoyed a cup of their Milwaukee Blend.

The coffee was medium-brown in color and seemed to be medium to heavy in body.  The aroma was smoky and roasty in the good “coffee shop in the morning” kind of way.  The first sip reinforced the smokiness but added a pleasant bitterness.  The mid-taste was both smoky and bright – the bitterness giving way to a very nice heavy robustness.  The rear taste was bold, robust, and bitter – like good strong coffee should be.  The aftertaste was the picture-perfect coffee flavor:  warm and toasty.

This is the perfect balance between strength, roast, and acidity.  It’s the perfect morning cup for me – one is certainly enough.  I highly recommend this coffee to lovers of dark roasts as well as lovers of medium-roast coffees looking for something adventurous.

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