Beer Recommendation: Sprecher Dunkle Weizen


Why is there no picture?

Because this beer isn’t really here.  Sprecher resurrected an old recipe that’s been shelved since 1999.  It’s only available in the gift shop in promotional 12 ounce bottles.  That means that Sprecher didn’t bottle it – their line only fills 16 ounce bottles.  They’re entering it in a competition that stipulates 12 ounce bottles only.  So this beer is an unofficial Sprecher offering that’s available for a very limited time.  Shame it won’t age well (4.5% ABV).

In addition the misspelled name (should be Dunkel-Weizen) and odd bottle size, this beer is atypical for Sprecher.  Here’re the words:

It pours muddy brown, a shade darker than Newcastle Brown Ale.  It has a highly floral, fruity aroma with a huge amount of malt.  It’s certainly a medium-bodied beer.  The first sip is of very floral hoppiness without a great deal of citrus tartness.  The mid-taste continues the floral flavors and adds a bit of malt and a touch of bitterness.  The rear taste is of fruit and flowers with a bit more bitterness.  The aftertaste is of good malt, flowers, and a touch of cereal sweetness that’s characteristic of a Hefe-Weizen.

I had very high expectations for this beer and I was only slightly disappointed.  Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by Hacker-Pschorr Dunkel Weisse.  At any rate, this is certainly a dark Hefe-Weizen, if not an actual Dunkel Weisse.  If you like Sprecher Hefe-Weiss and want more of a good thing, try this beer.  If you like gardening and perhaps cooking with roses, then try this beer.  If you have delusions of being a hummingbird and drinking nectar, try this beer.  Sadly, it doesn’t have enough malt for me.  But then again, few beers are malty enough for me.

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