Coffee Recommendation: Caribou Obsidian

Caribou Obsidian

Quite possibly the darkest coffee ever.

Not darkest roasted – that would be Stone Creek’s Full City blend.  Dark as in eeevilll.

Obsidian from Oregon

Obsidian is natural glass from certain volcanic lava.  I think that it’s an appropriate name for this coffee.

The color of the beans is almost identical to the chunk of volcanic glass above.  They’re very shiny with oil.  The bean aroma is kind of, well, burnt and fishy.  The grind aroma is worse – stinking of dead marine life.

However, from the offensive, foul-smelling grinds comes a very pleasant, robust, warm and roasty-smelling brew.  The cup aroma is that of dark toast and nicely roasted coffee.  The first sip is of a good, medium-body dark-roast coffee.  The mid-taste is that of a VERY GOOD smooth, rich, dark roast coffee – like black silk with a hint of pure cocoa and a wonderful flavor of anise.  What surprised me is the sweetness – the classic dark roast bitterness is offset nicely by a round sweetness that’s just a wee bit out of place.  The rear taste continues the smooth, robust coffee flavor and reinforces the cocoa.  It also begins to introduce a blackberry or black cherry bitterness that fits so well with the rest of the experience.  The finish is warm and lingering, returning the toasty flavors and continuing the hint of bitter fruit.

Despite having a pretty low acidity (though it isn’t a low-acid coffee – the two African coffees see to that), it doesn’t taste or feel bland at all.  It’s very lively on the tongue and the body is just the right balance for the flavor.

I’m convinced that this coffee is evil because nothing this smooth and dark can be 100% good.  It’s just too perfect a coffee to be anything short of a trick played on us by demons seeking to control our minds.  The dead fish smell of the grinds is a give-away.  Though I would’ve used brimstone instead of dead fish but hey…

I HIGHLY recommend this coffee to everyone, even caffeine-sensitive people.  Seriously – isn’t the flavor of coffee perfection more important than some petty health concern?


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  1. #1 by Joshua on April 1, 2010 - 6:29 AM

    I wonder why this post is so popular?

  2. #2 by Richard Hotaling on December 29, 2011 - 2:23 PM

    Wow…incredible flavor…some of the most unique tastes I have had in recent years for a dark roast.

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