This blows my mind

A Winged Infusion Set (a.k.a. Butterfly needle)

A Winged Infusion Set (a.k.a. Butterfly needle)

An adhesive bandage (sticking plaster to U.K. readers)

An adhesive bandage (sticking plaster to U.K. readers)

Which do you think should hurt more?  Getting stuck with a sharp object or removing a bandage?

Every three months for the past five years, I’ve had the same three blood tests which require one vial of blood to be drawn.  90% of the phlebotomists use a regular vacutainer / 21 gauge needle and it works fine.  This one decided to use a butterfly since she said I had tiny veins.  I thought, “Whatever.  Nobody’s ever had a problem before you, lady.”  Well, she said that the butterfly needles are easier to use with small veins because they have a much lower angle of insertion than the regular vacutainer set.  I didn’t believe her until I looked over and noticed that the container was filling and I hadn’t even felt her stick me!  It was a totally painless blood test.  She said that the problem with using butterfly needles all the time is that they need to use very low pressure vacutainers because otherwise the shallow insertion angle combined with high vacuum pressure could cause the vein to collapse.  It means that the containers take longer to fill and that not all tests can be done on blood collected with a butterfly needle since the blood begins to coagulate while still in the tubing.

Okay.  I told you all that to tell you this:  I couldn’t even see where she stuck me and the gauze had no blood on it.  She gave me extra gauze anyway and taped it up with an adhesive bandage.  When I got home, I went to remove the adhesive bandage.  Big mistake.  It ripped every hair out and even left a large abrasion where it had removed the outer layer of skin.  Besides all that, it made a nice hematoma where it ripped out a whole clump of hair!

Now how much sense does that make?  Sliding a needle through my skin and into a vein didn’t hurt at all but removing the bandage was terrible.  WTF people?  Can’t they make bandages that don’t tear bits of flesh off?

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