Always with the Needles

So, I’ve been quiet lately. I will be starting up with the Book Reviews again, I’ve just been busy with classes starting and everything. While there has been little reading, there has been lots of stitching. I’m taking part in an Embroidered Tea Towel Swap. The idea is that you get a group together, set up a mailing list, and the start sending your towel around. Each person stitches on motif on the towel and passes it along. When you get yours back, you’ve got a bunch of work that other people were kind enough to do for you. I have pictures 🙂

This is the first image on my towel. I went with a theme of birds, and I’m interested to see what the other people in my group come up with.

This piece was worked mostly in back stitch. To get that look around the scrolls, I just whipped some purple around the pink back stitching. It’s the first time I’ve tried doing it, and I think it worked out rather well.

Getting the colors right for a budgie, when only working in back stitch, was interesting. I wasn’t really sure how to go about it, so I just threaded the needle with all the colors I thought should be in the feathers. I have to say, It looks about right.

This close up shows the mirror that I put on. I don’t think you can have budgies without a mirror. The heart looked so plain and vast, but the stripes seem to reel it in nicely.



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