Coffee Recommendation: Alterra Sumatra Organic

Sumatra Gayoland Organic

The coffee I had was not the Sumatra Gayoland Organic – it was an Organic Sumatra sample batch.  But its characteristics were quite close to this coffee.

I found this coffee at Alterra’s Cafe.  I found it to be quite a charming, interesting cup.

By the numbers:
B ody: 6 – Not my usual bold flavors but pleasantly solid and balanced.
Acidity:  3 – Smooth, rounded flavors but enough acidity to bring an interesting, earthy spice to the party.
Roast: 4 – Medium-light roast.  Lovely light flavors with pleasant, exciting spice.  No sour notes here but a pleasant, warm, inviting roasty flavor that beckons you to fill the cup again.

I found this cup to be exciting, pleasant, spicy, rich, interesting, and all-around good.  I highly recommend this coffee.

By the way, it’s one-third of an espresso blend.  The other two thirds are Brazil Traditional Dry and Guatemala, which I also enjoy.  Brazil Traditional Dry is the featured coffee at Alterra’s cafes this week.

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