Is it better to have to clean up your own piss or someone else’s?

Urine Man (new, odd superhero, perhaps?)

Urine Man (new, odd superhero, perhaps?)

Okay.  I’m a dude.  As such, I tend to remain standing to urinate unless I have other business to attend to.  Today, that proved to be a mistake.

You see, I have been having allergy problems and am prone to sneezing fits.  Well I suffered a sudden sneeze tonight while peeing.  Instinctively, I grabbed the tissues and dutifully began blowing my nose, completely forgetting the prior engagement that had now moistened every surface of the bathroom through my inattention.

As I mopped up the puddles that had formed, I pondered why we have such a problem with urine?  Unless one has an active infection, one’s urine is sterile, and little more than foul-smelling salt water.  But the bathroom needed a good clean anyway 🙂


  1. #1 by Chadwick on June 28, 2009 - 7:37 PM

    Yeah, you shouldn’t forget that stuff.

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