Beer Recommendation: Stone Smoked Porter

Stone Smoked Porter

In case you were wondering, there’s no actual “smoking” going on with this beer.

No part of this beer is “smoked.” It’s called “Smoked Porter” because the  malts take on a peat-smoke flavor when roasted.  If you’ve ever smelled smoked herring or smoked chubs, (or straight latakia tobacco in the tin) then you know what peat smoke smells like.

Incidentally, the beer isn’t as unpleasant as it sounds.  It’s a good English porter.  It’s dark but not midnight-solid black like a stout.  Despite some photos, I couldn’t get a head on this even with trying.  Maybe I just don’t have the knack for pouring porters.  There’s almost no lacing on the pour after about a minute, save a tan ring around the glass.  The aroma is that of roasted malt and oysters with a touch of fruitiness – pineapple maybe.

The initial flavor is mildly fruity with very little hoppiness.  It has a medium texture – neither rough nor smooth.  It is mildly astringent, reminiscent of Sprecher’s IPA2.  More carbonated than a stout but less than a pale ale.  The aftertaste is minimal but one of bitter coffee and dark chocolate, again with little hoppiness.  Or, rather, hop bitterness but no hop flavor/aroma.  Then again, the bitterness could come from the roasted malt but, given the astringency,  I doubt it.

I enjoyed this with some Klement’s knackwurst and some butter bread for lunch today, in a straight pint glass (the #include <beer.h> glass).

I recommend trying this at least once.  If anything, it’s a decent (if unexciting) English porter with a hint of peat smokiness.  Probably excellent with seafood.

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