Lvl. 10 Biker

I consider myself an avid biker.  I am attached to my bike similar to the way I am attached to the internet (a moderate level of addiction).  As someone who has biked nearly all year round for the past 7 years I have seen my fair share of incidents.  Hail storms, thunder storms, sleet storms, snow storms, wind storms, crashing into walls, crashing into other bikes, wiping out in the middle of a busy road, wiping out on ice, riding with one brake, riding with handle bars that are nearly parallel to the bike frame (don’t ask), cracked a frame, having a bike stolen, barely avoiding opening car doors, biking under the influence(s), biking with two bikes, biking with large wet oil paintings, biking with guitars, art portfolios, biking with over 10 paintings on my person (18x24s), half of a drum kit, a trumpet, and 40+ lbs of food are all things I have experience with. In all I have had 8 bikes, 1 of which I out grew, 6 of which I rode to death.

One of the most common occurrences since I moved to Milwaukee however has been the popping of tires.  I’ve had glass, nails, staples, rocks, or just a sharp ledge pop wheels before, but today I had my first nail and I wanted to share this experience with the world.  I just got this bike from Madison the other day and the bike just got its first nail:


This was one of those cases where the tire hadn’t popped yet, and if I left the nail in I could have continued to ride it for a little bit (kinda like when you get stabbed in the heart, you don’t remove the blade!).  However, the tire was nearly finished so out it came.


The culprit

Note: to remain somewhat humble I have to admire couriers who bike with some of the largest loads in the worst weather in the most traffic.  Those guys/gals are truely badass.  Also, long distance bikers, hurah to you!  I chose to give myself a level 10 (using the DnD exp system) because of my experience and also because of several feats of bikemenship I have achieved throughout the years.

  1. #1 by Chadwick on May 5, 2009 - 3:54 PM

    Yeah, but level 10 Bikers always lose to level 7 Rangers. And Gelatinous Cubes.

  2. #2 by Christa on May 5, 2009 - 4:56 PM

    God, and I had problems riding with a back pack.

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